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Having an amazing website is one of the main ways to get and keep customers coming to you time and time again.  If your website is well designed and attractive, it should do all the selling for you!

The main things we suggest websites should definitely have are:

  1. Well structured menu: this is how your clients will navigate around the site.  It is important that the menus are structured clearly and easy to find on the page.
  2. Search facility: not everyone has the time to search around websites to find the thing they are looking for – make it easy with a visible search bar on the site.
  3. Good balance of content: it is a good idea to break up blocks of text with relevant images, videos and infographics to make reading easier for your audience
  4. Easy shopping (if applicable): if you sell items through your site, you need to ensure the shopping process is simple and easy to encourage return visits!