Minor Tweaks for Great SEO Results

Getting to have your site ranking better on Google need not be a massive task – sometimes just a few smaller changes are what’s needed for big differences in the results page!  Here are some ideas to help you get started.

1. Heading tags are really important – these are the first thing that Google sees when deciding how your site should rank. The heading should feature a keyword which relates to your page as this is what Google reads.

2. Titles tags are another key aspect which is easy to optimise.  The title tag is the text which is seen in the tab at the top of the web page on the browser.  This should read nicely so it works for both human and seo readings.

3. Robots file – it is important that your site has a good robots.txt file, as this allows google to search the site and index it properly. If it is not set up properly, there can be issues with Google being unable to read your site.

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