How to Make Your Web Content Shine

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Content is an important aspect of a website.  It is the part which your audience reads and views on the site.  It is important that the content is up to a certain standard, for both the benefit of the reader and the benefit of your website!  Search engines view content as part of their search ranking, so it stands to reason that better content = better rankings.

Good content is partly down to the way you write and what is actually written.  It is a combination of visuals and meaning.  Search engines like content which is relevant to the website (let’s say you have a website about natural beauty products, but you have some articles on there about garage doors – not exactly relevant!).  It’s no use having random content which is unrelated to the site.  It is also important that the content is laid out nicely, with a good mix of text and images, to allow the reader to be more able to read it and enjoy it!  It;s much harder to read on a screen compared to in print, so when composing your content, think about spacing out your text in short paragraphs and interspace some images or videos in to break it up.